A Message to our Customers!

When we first purchased a car wash now known as Pristine Auto Spa & Service Center, our first action was to talk with the employees and tell them that while we are the new owners, it is their hard work that will bring back happy customers and allow our car wash to thrive. It was important for employees to know that they had a vested interest in making our new business venture a resounding success.  The important factor today is to provide the best car wash possible and to demonstrate that we really care about the driver’s concerns and appreciate the time set aside for a clean car.  No matter the car, our goal is for drivers to leave feeling much better than when they arrived.  Part of this is accomplished by creating a friendly environment in the waiting area where customers can interact with complimentary coffee, bottles of water, cookies and sweets.  Living less than eight minutes away from the car wash, we spend hours chatting with new and returning customers to see how we can improve our services. Frankly, we never thought that owning a car wash, despite the huge responsibility, would give us so much satisfaction and be fun. Our objective is to take the current business and expand it into every facet of the auto service industry.


Our first blog will be here soon but in the meantime, please enjoy one of our wonderful customers.