Service Center


At Pristine Service Center, your car will be serviced by friendly, knowledgeable technicians in our fast, convenient service center

FREE car wash & vacuum for every tire purchased.
No expiration, may be used on any vehicle.
Transferable, so you can give them as a gift to other folks if you want!


Your free car wash applies to the same vehicle that we serviced and may be used any time within 21 days of the oil change.


You can browse at or we can recommend tires for you.

We’ll have the tires shipped directly to us and schedule installation at your convenience.

Easy, fast & no hassle!

FREE lifetime tire rotation whenever you get an oil change, when you have purchased a set of 4.

Pristine Auto Spa & Service Center sells tires, making us a one stop destination for your car care needs.

We offer low and competitive prices for name brand tires, and can service your car while you wait. We also provide services to keep your brakes working safely.


Pristine Service Center can help you make sure that your brake pads and rotors are replaced, turned and checked!  Never worry about stopping by to see if your brakes still have some “life” in them!

Join the Pristine Auto Spa’s Monthly Club – WASH your car up to once a day and get FABULOUS deals on any service in our Service Center!

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We have a team of professionals waiting to answer your questions and help.  Our main mission is to make sure you have a safe and clean vehicle to drive!  Call us Today!